Saturday, November 17, 2018


Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 has a long list of new enhanced features to improve the business user experience and security of the infrastructure. Some of the features that we all were waiting are here now with Exchange Server 2019 Like:
§  Support for Windows Server Core: Finally, It’s the time to plan and implement Exchange Server on Windows Server Core. Currently Exchange Server 2019 is only supported to deployed on Windows Server 2016 or 2019.
§  Performance Improvement: Exchange Server 2019 also support high end compute resource to better server your performance requirements. Exchange Server 2019 can support 48 CPO cores with 256 GB memory. It’s a huge improvement as compared to previous maximum server configuration support from 24 CPU cores and 192GB memory in Exchange 2013 and 2016 Server. Microsoft Exchange 2019 Server is now going to leverage Bing technology to provide fast and reliable search capabilities. This will be a very interesting feature from database fail-over perspective for enhanced performance and i’m looking forward to it. With Exchange Server 2019, index data will be stored inside the database instead of separate files located in the same folder as of database.
§  Calendar Improvements: Exchange Server 2019 is set to bring some of the cool calendaring features from Exchange online to on-premises that includes simplified calendar sharing, restricting the recipient ability to forward meeting invites etc.This feature would help the business users to restrict unwanted attendees to their meeting.
Want to know more? Check out this page on all Wave 2019 products. This year Ignite will be focused around Exchange Server 2019 launch from a messaging platform perspective. I’m looking forward to see all new upcoming features and announcements for Exchange Server 2019. From my perspective, Exchange Server 2019 release indicates Microsoft’s commitment towards on-premises version of the product to ensure they’re covering all type of business needs for a customer.

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