Sunday, September 29, 2019

Microsoft Teams logging details

There are three types of log files automatically produced by the client that can be leveraged to assist in troubleshooting Microsoft Teams.
·         Desktop logs
·         Debug logs
·         Media logs

Desktop logs

Desktop logs, also known as bootstrapper logs, contains log data that occurs between the desktop client and the browser.

To open the client log (logs.txt in the Teams cache), click the Teams icon in the system tray and then Get Logs from the menu. Notepad loads the file and you can browse it to your heart’s content before giving up and sending it to Microsoft.
1.    Right-click the Microsoft Teams icon in your application tray, select Get Logs

Diagnostic Log

 The CTRL-Shift-Alt-1 key combination generates a diagnostic log file on Windows workstations, while Command + Option + Shift + 1 generates the file on a Mac. Teams creates the diagnostics log in the Downloads folder on the workstation and creates a name by combining MSTeams Diagnostics Log with the current timestamp.
%downloads%\MSTeams Diagnostics Log <timestamp>.txt
Debug logs show the following data flows:
·         Login
·         Connection requests to middle tier services
·         Call/conversation

Media Logs

Media logs contain diagnostic data about audio, video and screen sharing. They are required for support cases only upon request and can only be inspected by Microsoft. The following table outlines the log location.

Network Traces

Microsoft might ask for a network trace to help resolve some support requests. use Fiddler or Charles Proxy

Note: As some blog says Teams is not a Sip client so cannot use Snooper kind of tools for diagnostics. 


  1. You may also click 5 times with a left-click on the systray-icon (lower-right corner icon) and then a single right-click to get into the Dev-Tool menu. Here you can record the network-traffic and way more...

    1. how does that work? i don't see this working

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