Azure Guide

What is Azure?
Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. Azure is the only hybrid cloud to help you with cost-effective, flexible cloud migration paths. Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

This overview introduces some of the Azure services.
Browse for Azure products:
·        Compute
·        Identity
·        Networking
·        Security
·        Storage
·        Web
·        Integration
·        Microsoft Azure Stack
·        Migration
·        Containers
·        Databases
·        Developer Tools
·        DevOps
·        Internet of Things
·        Management and Governance
·        Media
·        Mixed Reality
·        Mobile
·        AI + Machine Learning
·        Analytics

Read more on Microsoft docs:

Get started with Azure

Azure products

Azure fundamentals

Core Cloud Services - Introduction to Azure 

Azure regions

Azure solutions

Administer infrastructure resources in Azure

Manage resources in Azure

Azure Networking

Azure Security

Deploy a website with Azure virtual machines

Architect solutions in Azure

Secure your cloud data

Azure migration center

Azure solution architectures

Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Azure - Webinars and videos

Azure updates

About Site Recovery

Physical server to Azure disaster recovery architecture

Run a disaster recovery drill to Azure

Set up disaster recovery to Azure for on-premises physical servers

Set up disaster recovery to a secondary Azure region for an Azure VM

About migration

Migrate on-premises machines to Azure

Move Azure VMs to another region

Migrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) VMs to Azure

Fail over VMs and physical servers

Fail back VMware VMs and physical servers from Azure to an on-premises site

About recovery plans

Set up a process server in Azure for failback

Set up disaster recovery of on-premises VMware virtual machines or physical servers to a secondary site

Set up disaster recovery for Hyper-V VMs to a secondary on-premises site

Run a DR drill for Hyper-V VMs to a secondary site


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