Sunday, March 29, 2015

Patching Procedure and Verification Tests-Exchange

Patching Procedure

1.   Login to the server

2.   For Windows Patching

1.   Go to start à All Programs à Windows Update

             2. Click on the blue where it says numbers of updates are available.

             3. Ensure that there is no Exchange rollup/hotfix/ServicePack, if there is a rollup checked then UNCHECK the Exchange rollup/hotfix/ServicePack

             4. Then Click ok and then click on Install Updates

             5. Once completed click finished and restart the server.
            6. Once restart the server again check updates, if it available new update, click Install
             7. Once completed click finished and restart the server.
              8. Verify the all services running working fine.
Verification Tests

Run the following tests on all Exchange servers

1.Get-queue | ? {$_.MessageCount –gt 5}

Queue should be less than 10 mails


No service should show in ServiceNotRunning under any role.


                 3. Test-ReplactionHealth

                                         Replication should show Passed for all

                 4. Test-OutlookWebServices

                                         No Error should come except the Id 1104

                 5. Test-Mapiconnectivity

                                         This should come success

                 6. Get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus **

                                         Databases should show healthy and mounted.

                 7. Login to OWA using test account and test send and receive of the email.

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