Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Recover deleted Teams

Microsoft Teams, owners of teams have the capability of deleting a team, and sometimes these teams may be accidentally deleted. When the team is deleted, it is held in the "recycle bin" for 30 days until it is permanently deleted. Below is the process of restoring a deleted team in Microsoft Teams.

       Once Team is deleted, option to recover it exists for up to 30 days
       All of it including (Channels, files, tabs, etc.) will reappear as it was before
       Restore can take up to 4 hours
       To restore, from exchange admin center, select recipients, then groups
       Locate the group (only if soft deleted)
       Select the group and choose restore

Confirm that the recently deleted team shows on the list and select it

On the right-hand side menu, click the “Click here to restore” option

Confirm the restoration request

Launch PowerShell as an administratorNote, at the time of this writing, this restore procedure requires the AzureADPreview module to be installed. To install, simply type Install-Module AzureADPreview and follow the prompts.
IMPORTANT: When a team is created in Microsoft Teams, it creates an Office 365 group. This procedure is the process for restoring an Office 365 group and is documented in more detail here.

       PowerShell command to restore
                Get-AzureADMSDeltedGroup     (make note of Object ID)
                Restore-ADMSDeletedDirectoryObject –ID <objectID>

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